Billing Systems
Effective November 2006, G2 has migrated to a new, robust billing system that allows customers to view their bills online. Further, customers can download billing details for sorting, analysis, and management of their charges and activity. Customers will receive the Summary Page along with the remittance by email, while detailed billing can be viewed on line. To simplify the payment process, G2 accepts payments online by credit card or ECheck. To pay online, customer will need to register. Click on Customer Login at the top of the web page and follow the registration directions. Once registered, you have access to online billing.

Mobile Services
G2 now offers wireless service from Sprint and Verizon as CDMA providers and Cingular and T-Mobile as GSM providers. Some of the advantages include comprehensive bill analysis, various plans, program flexibility, and additional activation on existing accounts. For customers wishing to switch to Sprint service, a demo account can be set up on a limited basis subject to availability and application.

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Hosted VoIP solutions
G2 offers Hosted VoIP solutions from multiple providers. Hosted Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP) is where the VoIP service provider acts as an outsourced PBX, thus allowing you to take advantage of advanced VoIP features and the increased reliability and security of the service provider without buying and maintaining an in-house PBX.

Custom programs are based on user requirements and very from basic to comprehensive options which include unlimited calling, find-me follow-me, Voice Mail, Unified Messaging, and Auto Attendant, just to name a few.

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G2 Newsletters
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