Voice Services    
Analog Local Service: Digital Local Service: Long Distance Service:
o Basic Business Lines
o Centrex Lines
o DID Service
o Business Trunks
o DID Service
o Features - Call Transfer; Call
Forwarding, Caller ID, 3 Way Calling, etc.
o Local Calling Plans

o Local T1 - SuperTrunk (24 voice channels)
o PRI - (23 voice channels)
o DID Service

o Switched - uses local lines
o Dedicated
o Toll Free with routing options
o Business Trunks
o International Toll Free Service
o Calling Cards
o Account Codes

Internet Access Services    
DSL DIA (Dedicated Internet Access)
o T1/DS1 and above
o Bonded T1s
o Burstable


Integrated Services    
Integrated T1 with Data: Integrated PRI with Data: Features:
o Line bundles with various Data speeds
o Trunk bundle with various Data speeds
o T1 with Dynamic Data Allocation

o Trunk bundle with various Data speeds
o PRI with Dynamic Data Allocation


o DID Service
o Caller ID
o Call Transfer
o Redundancy

Data Service One Managed Service Value Added Services
o Point-to-Point
o Bill Consolidation
o Management Reports
o Single Point of Contact
o One number to call for ALL service needs and issues

o Conference Calling



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